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HKDL Source is brought to you by a largely Australian group of Disney obsessives. Who are they? What do they do? How can you understand them?


Alexander Sakker

Daisy Duck

Alexander has been a hard-core Disney fan ever since he disovered Roy Disney's (now defunct). Alexander is a fan of the Modern Disney, with Ducktales and A Goofy Movie rating highly on his list of favorites.


Alexander's first experience with a Disney theme park was in Janurary 2005 at the renowned Tokyo Disneyland, and he visited Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom in Janurary of 2006. Hong Kong Disneyland is not too far down the list.


Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Known on many Disney forums as Loomis, the Vegetarian Disneylander, it is safe to say that Richard is a born-again Disneylander. One of Richard's earliest memories is Mickey conducting a symphony of waves in Fantasia and the terrible sight of the Headless Horseman galloping over a covered bridge in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It seems inevitable now that Richard would wind up a Disney fan.


Richard's first trip to a Disney Resort was way back in 1987 at the tender age of 8 ½. The place was Disneyland, Anaheim and the theme was Disneyland Circus Fantasy '87. The seeds were planted in Richard's mind that this might be a place to become obsessed with. Eighteen years and several aborted attempts later, Richard finally took the 14 hour trip from Sydney and returned to Disneyland in September 2005 for the 50th Anniversary (Happiest Homecoming on Earth) of the park. It was a truly magical experience, and he has every conceivable bit of merchandise to show for it. He did the whole thing again in 2008 (with the addition of Walt Disney World in Florida and, of course, a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland). In September 2006, he visted Hong Kong Disneyland for a special report. Most recently, he has made end of year trips to Tokyo Disney Resort in both December 2008 and 2009.


Richard also writes for one of Australia's favourite sources for DVD news, reviews and resources - DVDBits - and has had several articles published on the Ultimate Disney site. His collection of Disney DVDs is scarily in the hundreds. Other obsessions include cheese, cows, Green Arrow and regularly declaring that he'd rather go pantsless.


Any resemblance between Richard and any person living or otherwise is entirely coincidental.


Tom Pacy

Tom PacyOften seen lurking on forums around the web as V1213, Tom is a special kind of Australian often referred to as a sandgroper.  Ever since his trip to the original Disneyland at the age of 5 Tom has had a desire to return.  This dream began to be partially realised through day trips to Disneyland Resort Paris many years later in the Januaries of 2005 and 2006.  It is this ongoing process that brought Tom to Hong Kong Disneyland in January 2006, beginning one of the world's greatest love stories never told.

When unable to make the long trips to the Disney Resorts around the world Tom is often found jamming to the latest DJ Bobo track whilst roaming the countryside chasing trains.  His railway adventures can be experienced at Racy's Railway, Tom's only other venture on the web.

It is no surprise that Tom's favourite animated movie is Disney's Beauty and the Beast, it could be said that both the Beast and Tom share many personality traits.  Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is at the top of the live action film list, for reasons that are as yet unknown.