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No matter how much fun you are having in Hong Kong Disneyland, at some stage you are going to need to eat. It's an inescapable fact of life. With that in mind, Disney has provided guests with a variety of restaurants and eateries, allowing you to grab everything from a light snack to a full multi-course meal in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

The unique thing about dining in Hong Kong Disneyland is that traditional Chinese cuisine sits side-by-side with Western fare. This is perhaps not too much of a culture shock to anybody that lives in a modern, multi-cultural city, but it is certainly a different approach than has typically been seen in Disney parks.

As of November 2006, Hong Kong Disneyland - in keeping with the policy set by the US theme parks - introduced their new healthy food choices for kids. This allows parents and children alike to choose a far more balanced diet while dining in the park. Full details of these menus can be found here.

We've divided up the eateries based on where you'll find them in or out of the park.

Main Street, USA

Plaza Inn Plaza Inn
This is where you'll first notice how integrated the Chinese and Western cultures are in Hong Kong Disneyland dining. From the 'turn of the century' American facade of the exterior, you'll enter to find more traditional Chinese trappings inside and authentic 19th Century Chinese table service.  In addition to Cantonese dishes such as dim sum, and other local treats, you'll find a selection of Western dishes as well.
Market House Bakery Market House Bakery
Who can resist the smell of a bakery? Here Hong Kong Disneyland bakes fresh pastries and other aromatic delights. If you've just rolled out of bed and have gone straight into the park first thing in the morning, we recommend some freshly-baked goodness to give you a bit of energy for the Theme Parking ahead of you.  Of course, any time of day is a good time to pick up a pastry (or two).
Main Street Corner Cafe Main Street Corner Café
Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Hosted by Lee Kum Kee, world renowned specialists in authentic Chinese sauces (at least that is what their press says), this place boasts Hong Kong-style coffee house waffles, congee, afternoon tea and noodles. A great casual dining experience that is guaranteed to cater to pretty much any mood you are in.
Fantasyland Main Street Madness
You'll also find a variety of food and beverage wagons along Main Street. In keeping in theme with the land, these all try to be period accurate, such as the vinatge popcorn carts. Ice cream, soft drinks and other snacks can be found along here as well.

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Royal Banquet Hall Royal Banquet Hall
This place boasts not one, not two, but FOUR showcase kitchens. IN grand Hong Kong tradition, there is the Steam kitchen serving dim sum.  Then there is the Kettle kitchen that will fill you up with curries and stews, which is just perfect for those cold winter days. Up next is the Sushi and Tempura kitchen, serving up...well, you get the idea. Finally, there is a Grill kitchen, bringing you sausages, satays and steak. 
Inspired by the Disney animated classic, Sleeping Beauty, this is designed to resemble a medieval period banquet hall. In addition to the banners and shields, you'll find 720 seats - 340 inside, 320 exterior seats and an additional 60 seats on patio overlooking the Sleeping Beauty Castle moat. If your Fantasyland fantasy is to eat until your belly bursts, then this is the place to go. Just make sure you visit here after the Tea Cups. This one is only open for Lunch and Dinner.
Clopin's Fetsival of Foods Clopin's Festival of Foods
Based on the underepresented Topsy Turvy world of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A casual and quick service eatery, you'll find a 240-seat festive atmosphere, four open-show kitchens with noodle, wok and barbeques.  Ideal if you are wanting to grab a quick bite before heading back towards the rides. This one is also only open for Lunch and Dinner.
Small World Ice Cream Small World Ice Cream
Since it's a small world opened in April 2008, this ice creamery has filled a sweet hole in the local cuisine. Offering traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry (with real strawberries), as well as sesame flavours, it's a great treat on a hot (or cold) day.
Popcorn Popcorn Stands
Look out for these old fashioned popcorn stands dotted around Fantasyland. Sometimes there is nothing better than popped corn, fake butter and a whole lot of salt.

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Taihitian Terrace Restaurant Taihitian Terrace Resturant
Under the eyes of the Tiki Gods, this food court, counter-service restaurant (and we don't think that means it is the opposite of service) seats 245 people, and probably more if they are all really, really tiny. Specialties include South Asian and Cantonese-style cooking from barbecue, wok and noodle kitchens. Recommended for a quick fix before you head off adventuring like, you know, adventurers.
River View Café River View Café
On the banks of the Rivers of Adventure this is the place to take your time and soak up the atmosphere of Adventureland. This one is a table-service restaurant is informal and in a very relaxed setting. The River View Café boasts that it is the "only restaurant in the park serving food Chinese family style on lazy Susan turntables". We'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that is something to stick in a press release.

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Starliner Diner Starliner Diner
'With over 800 seats in the Diner, this is easily the largest restaurant in the Theme Park. The decor of the restaurant features polished metal walls and 'family size' rockets to dine in. The food here is more typical of what you would find in the American parks - burgers and fries, fried chicken and other fast-foods, but expect to see Asian spices and hard and soft buns thrown into the mix to add a bit of Asian flavour. Chinese char siew (barbeque pork) burgers are specialty of the Diner!
Starliner Diner Comet Café
Open for lunch and dinner, this 'food-court' style diner focuses on foods from the Jiang Nan region of China. This means lots of wok-fried foods, noodles and a selection of BBQ products. Seating about 245 people, it is ideal for a quick midday or evening break. The distinctive curvature of the roof and neon signage outside dominates a large chunk of Tomorrowland, and is an impressive sight to behold when it lights up at night.

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Disneyland Hotel Disneyland Hotel
The Crystal Lotus is the flagship Chinese dining experiences, seating 220 people. There is also the buffet-style The Enchanted Garden Restuarant with Character dining is available at breakfast and dinner daily. Bars and lounges include the poolside Sea Breeze Bar; the appropriately named Grand Salon adjacent to the lobby the Kingdom Club, available to guests staying on the Kingdom Club floor. More details on our Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel page.
Hollywood Hotel Hollywood Hotel
In the Hollywood Hotel, there are five main places to fill your belly with Disney goodness. The Chef Mickey is the main restaurant in the Hotel, and is a buffet-style venue suitable for the whole family. The Studio Lounge that offers a more 'elite' style cocktail bar. It has a full bar and light snacks available in the plush environment. If you prefer dining al fresco, why not relax on the Sunset Terrace? If quick-service is more your style, the Hollywood & Dine is ideal for a quick meal break. Finally, we can't forget to mention the Piano Pool Bar. See Disney's Hollywood Hotel page for more details.

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Fellow vegetarians (like our very own HKDL Source staff-member, Richard) will know the trials and tribulations of finding a decent vege meal when travelling. Given that Hong Kong has a large Buddhist - and in many cases, vegetarian - population, the menus have a greater amount of choice for non-meat eaters. For in-park dining, it is hard to beat the selections in Royal Banquet Hall. Here, all meals come with rice and a typically vegetarian soup, and a number of vegetarian dishes - such as the Vegetable Curry - are on offer. These are not only hearty, but delicious. Indeed, the two Fantasyland eateries offer the greatest selection of vegetarian food. In the past,  Tomorrowland's diners offered practically nothing vegetarian on the menu at all. However, in recent years noodles and other healthy-choice dishes have been added to the menu, making it slightly harder for herbivores to starve.

The Hotels offer quite a good selection as well. While the quick service menus offer largely 'junk' food or meat-based snacks, the bars and restaurants offer a far greater selection for herbivores. When dining à la carte, the staff are usually all too happy to adapt something vegetarian for you. However, there are a number of great vegetarian options as well. In the Hollywood Hotel's Studio Lounge, for example, there is an outstanding vegetarian pizza available. In the same hotel, the Chef Mickey buffet will generally have a large selection of dishes without meat on the buffet (broccoli au gratin; noodles; pizza; sushi; various breads and curry are all examples of things you'll find to eat here).

As part of the aforementioned healthy food choices, Disney has stated that it will continue to offer "at least one vegetarian dish in each restaurant" in both the park and the hotels.  So fear not Vegetarian Disneylanders! You certainly won't starve in Hong Kong Disneyland!

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