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Too crowded? Let FASTPASS be your friend...Too crowded? Let FASTPASS be your friend...

Anybody who has ever been to a Disney park knows that the big rides always draw the biggest rides. However, with so much to see and do in the park, who wants to spend the whole day in lines? To that end, Disney has created FASTPASS: an electronic ticketing system that saves you a place in a special queue!

FASTPASS is a service that is free to guests with a valid Hong Kong Disneyland Park admission ticket. At any given FASTPASS attraction, there is a FASTPASS Distribution Machine. Simply insert your admission ticket into this machine and you will given a FASTPASS, allowing you to return to the attraction within an hour-specific window and jump the regular queues.

A typical transaction would see a guest arrive at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, for example, at 11:00 AM and find that there is a 45 minute or more estimate in the stand-by lines. If you think that you would rather go and see some other sights and sounds of Disneyland instead of waiting in the queue, you can obtain a FASTPASS from the conveniently located Distribution Machine. You will receive a ticket that tells you to return between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM*. You can then go off and enjoy less crowded rides, have a bite to eat and do some shopping, safe in the knowledge that you can walk straight in to a shorter FASTPASS lane in your specified window.

An example of a valid FASTPASS ticket can be seen below.

FASTPASS by the numbersFASTPASS by the numbers

Point 1 on the FASTPASS tells you which attraction you have obtained a FASTPASS for. Point 2 lets you know when you can turn up at the attraction to use the FASTPASS. Finally, Point 3 lets you know when you may obtain another FASTPASS.

While attractions are subject to change, presently the FASTPASS service is available on Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Festival of the Lion King.

With the ability to jump the queue in such an easy way, many will now be asking: "Why don't I just get a FASTPASS for every attraction?" The simple answer is: you can't.  Once you have obtained a valid FASTPASS allowing you to return to a ride within a specific time frame, you CANNOT obtain another FASTPASS for that attraction - or any other - until after the specified time on the ticket. Using the ticket above as an example, you'll see that under Point 3 another FASTPASS may be obtained after 2:00 PM.

If you do try to obtain another FASTPASS before it is allowed, or try to obtain a FASTPASS for a second FASTPASS attraction while still carrying a valid FASTPASS, you will merely receive an Invalid FASTPASS (pictured above).

While it is sometimes fun to just go with the flow and see where Hong Kong Disneyland takes you, occasionally a little planning is required to get the most out of your day. On busier days, FASTPASS could be an invaluable resource. Learn how FASTPASS works, use it to its full advantage and you may find that it is your best friend on the day.

* Times displayed are by way of example only. Each FASTPASS window may differ.

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