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An enthusiastic guest with ticket in hand.An enthusiastic guest with ticket in hand

There are so many things to see and do in Hong Kong Disneyland that you'll probably need at least a full day. Of course, to get in there to see and do them, you are going to need a ticket first.

Tickets entitle the owner to a full day inside the park, which includes unlimited use of the attractions and rides.  It will also allow the guest to access the FASTPASS machines on selected attractions, which lets you jump the queue under certain conditions. Naturally, this ticket price does not include food and merchandise.

Please note that unlike other Disneyland parks, tickets tend to be date specific, rather than multi-day passes.

This page has been split up into two important areas: Getting a Ticket and Ticket Prices.

Getting a Ticket

Gone are the days where you had to line up at the Main Gate with your admission price in hand and wait for a ticket before lining up again to get into the park. Hong Kong Disneyland offers a number of different ways to purchase a park ticket.

  • Online: If you are reading this site, then you can probably purchase a Disneyland ticket. Simply log on to the official site and purchase your desired number of tickets. You can then pick up your ticket from either Main Entrance AutoMagic Ticket Dispensing Machines; Main Entrance Ticket Booths or Guest Relations Windows (open one hour before the gates) or the MTR Hong Kong Station (Tung Chung Concourse).
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Express: Not only can you pick up pre-booked tickets there, but you can also buy tickets from the MTR Hong Kong Station (Tung Chung Concourse). Talk about handy!
  • Hotel Lobby: As a guest of either the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disney's Hollywood Hotel, you are guaranteed park ticket availability for the length of your stay. Book, reserve and pick up park tickets, all from the convenience of your hotel lobby.
  • Travel Agent: If you are putting together a package deal with a travel agent, or simply prefer them to online bookings, most travel agents are all too happy to book park tickets for you as well, even if you are staying at a hotel not on Disney property. If you get ticket vouchers, you can usually redeem these at any point where you would regularly buy tickets.
  • Main Entrance: Of course, if you find yourself at Hong Kong Disneyland's main gates and want to go in, you can buy your tickets right there.

If you are part of a large group or wish to have some other special arrangements made, you should call the Hong Kong Disneyland Group Sales Office at +852 1-830-830.

Ticket Prices

Tickets at Hong Kong Disneyland are a little but different to some of the other parks, as they are divided into three ticket types. Regular Days are typically weekdays; Peak Days tend to be weekends and Special Days are usually holidays or festival occasions. To see what type of day your visit will fall on, the best place to look is the official site, as it keeps an updated list of Special Days.

Note: The prices below are intended as a guide only. Ticket prices will change based on the day you are visiting and Disney's own price changes. Please check the official site for any changes before visiting.

  Regular Peak Special
Adults HK $295 HK $350 HK $350
Children HK $210 HK $250 HK $250
Seniors HK $170 HK $200 HK $200

Annual Passes

Following the success of 2006's Summer Passes, Hong Kong Disneyland had begun offering its first annual passes.  Offering the owner unlimited visits to the park, except on block-out dates, for a year from the date of purchase, the Annual Passes are the most economic way to visit the resort frequently.

There are three different passes; Value, Deluxe and Premium, providing three levels of access and passholder benefits.

The Value pass entitles the holder to park access on weekdays, except certain block-out dates, for a year from the purchase of the pass.  This equates to around 230 days of park access and is the price of 2.2 regular single day tickets.  Block-out date calendars can be viewed on the calendar at the official site.

The Deluxe pass entitles the holder to park access on all days for a year from the date of purchase, except for block-out dates determined by Hong Kong Disneyland.  This equates to around 340 days of park access and is the price of 3.7 peak single day tickets.  This pass also includes free parking for private cars between 8:30am and 10:00pm at the Hong Kong Disneyland Auto Plaza.  Block-out date calendars can be viewed on the calendar at the official site.

The Premium pass entitles the holder to park access on every day for a year from the purchase date and is not restricted by block-out dates.  It is the price of 5.1 special or peak single day tickets.  Passholders are also offered free parking of private cars at the Hong Kong Disneyland Auto Plaza between 8:30am and 10:00pm and other periodically changing exclusive benefits; current details can be on the official site.  The number of Premium Passes is limited to 5000, thus they may not be available for purchase if all 5000 are currently issued.

All pass holders will receive a lanyard with their pass and, if they purchase it electronically, the lanyard and any free gifts must be redeemed from the Pass Processing Centre inside the park.

Pass holders receive benefits and discounts at the resort throughout the year, details of the current offers can be found on the official site.

Purchasing a pass is similar to buying a normal ticket; it can be done online, at the Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Express, a Hong Kong Disneyland hotel lobby or at the main entrance to the park.  Guests wishing to purchase a pass are required to provide photo ID to be put on the pass, which also lists their name.

Normal day tickets can be upgraded to Annual Passes at the Pass Processing Centre, situated next to City Hall when in the park.  Guests can also visit the Pass Processing Centre to upgrade their Value and Deluxe passes to Deluxe or Premium passes for the extent of their validity.

  Value Deluxe Premium
Adults HK $650 HK $1300 HK $1800
Children/Students HK $460 HK $930 HK $1250
Seniors HK $370 HK $740 HK $1000

Some conditions apply. Please check official site for details.

Things to Remember About Tickets

  • Buy early and don't miss out!
  • You can buy and collect tickets from more than one place.
  • Be sure to check the official site to see what type of day you want to visit on.
  • Only Special Day tickets guarantee entry to the park on a select day, entry using other tickets is subject to park capacity.
  • If planning to visit more than 2 days, an Annual Pass may be cheaper.

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