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For many, simply going to a Disneyland is going to be a magical experience. Although large parts of Hong Kong are geared towards tourism, and as suchthere are many fine hotels to stay at, if you want the full "Disney Experience", you will want to stay at a Disney Hotel. While the Theme Park may be smaller than the other Resorts around the world, Disney have still provided two beautiful and affordable hotels for guests to rest their weary heads.


Hogn Kong Disneyland offers two hotels to choose from:


Disneyland Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The Victorian elegance of this first-class hotel is modelled after the opulence of the Grand Floridian at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.This is the ultimate in indulgence for Hong Kong Disneyland guests. Read all about the magic of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel here


Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Take a trip back in time with this hotel, based on a the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood. Using an Art Deco style, Disney's Hollywood Hotel impeccably recreates the height of Hollywood's glamour age - or at least how it should of been. Consistent to the last detail, this more affordable of Disney's hotels is one of their best-kept secrets in the world - in Hong Kong or otherwise. Take a journey down the Sunset Strip here.


Like the Theme Park tickets, Disneyland's hotels are divided up into seasons - Value, Regular and Peak. Prices vary between across different room types across the seasons at the different hotels.  Regardless of the season staying at a Hong Kong Disneyland hotel is an unforgetable Disney experience at a fraction of the cost of other Disney resorts.


Up to date rates can be found at the official site. To book a Disney Vacation in Hong Kong; either visit your travel agent, or purchase directly through the Hong Kong Disneyland Reservation Center:

 The Hong Kong Disneyland Reservation Center call centre opens daily from 9am to 6pm (Hong Kong time).


Advantages of Staying in a Disney Hotel


  • Hotel guests are guaranteed park ticket availability for the duration of their stay
  • Close to the Theme Park and the facilities Around the Resort
  • Gives you a place to rest in the middle of the Disneyland visit
  • Complimentary Transport to and from the Theme Park
  • Character greetings within the hotel grounds
  • Complimentary activities for children all day long
  • Completes your "Disney experience"
  • Proximity to Ngong Ping 360 and Hong Kong Airport


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