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MiceChat LogoMiceChat @ MiceAge

If you are looking to chat with a staff member of this site, then the MiceChat forums at MiceAge are where we'll be. Alex (drnilescrane), Richard (Loomis) and Tom (V1213) regularly post on the forums, and it was there that the idea for this site first came to be. An invaluable source of Theme Park information, and a great place for discussing Hong Kong Disneyland...or any other Magic Kingdom!


Ultimate Disney LogoUltimate Disney

Few sites can claim to be the "Ultimate" resource for something and actually have the goods to follow through. Reviewing hundreds of Disney DVDs and films, the site provides the most accurate and up-to-date record of Disney film and DVD releases past and present. Richard has written several articles for the site at various times, and can regularly be found posting there under the name 'Loomis'. Alex has also be known to post there as 'drnilescrane'.  



What has this got to do with Disney, you might ask? Absolutely nothing, but Richard still writes and reviews for this site, and loyalty is everything. You'll find reviews of Region 4 DVDs here, many of which are Disney reviews. Australian Disney DVD release info will also be posted there regularly. Props to Ben, because he'd just like to be mentioned here.



Racy's Railway LogoRacy's Railway

It's not directly related to Disney, but Tom still loves his trains.  Following in Walt Disney's railfan footsteps Tom has created this site where photos, news and videos of trains around the world, especially Western Australia, are posted.  Why not check it out and get your daily fix of railway action?  If you look closely you may even see a Disney train here or there...


Official Sites


Disney LogoHong Kong Disneyland (Official Site)

While we strive to be as accurate and complete as possible here at HKDL Source,  we also recognise that this is Disney's show at the end of the day. For all the things we can't provide here - updated show schedules, parade times, changing opening hours - visit the official site for the good word on Hong Kong Disneyland. There is also wallpaper to download, the ability to book and reserve tickets/hotel rooms and a "live" calendar to keep you updated.


Other official sites include:

  • Disneyland Resort: Covering the original 1955 Disneyland Park and the recent Disney's California Adventure, you can explore the park, book tickets, passes and hotels, listen to the Disneyland Podcast and plan your Disney vacation.


  • Walt Disney World Resort: It may not have come first, but the Walt Disney Resort - which opened in 1971 - is certainly the biggest. It has expanded from the original Magic Kingdom into three additional parks (EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios) and two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), and two dozen properties to stay in. As with the Disneyland site, here you can book and plan your trip. One of the best overviews of any Disney park.


  • Tokyo Disneyland: Disney's other Asian park offers both a slight variation on the original Disneyland Park, as well as the truly unique addition of DisneySea. Both parks are summarised in detail here, as well as the hotels than can be found in and around the resort.


  • Disneyland Paris: Formerly EuroDisney, this once maligned park has risen far above its stigma and is now recognised for the intrinsic beauty it possesses. Disneyland Paris has also expanded to include the Walt Disney Studios Park in 2002, the site covers bookings, hotels and other Parisian goodness.



Other Sites


These last few sites may seem kind of random, but we assure you that we have enjoyed each and every one of them. If you have a site that you think should be listed here, Contact Us.


DLP Info LogoDLP.Info: The Guide to Disneyland Resort Paris

When we started putting HKDL Source together, one of the first things we did was see what sites were out there. One site that caught our eyes was, quite possibly the most comprehensive coverage on the Net of any Disney theme park. We can only hope that in our own particular ways, we live up to the high standards that the good people at have set for the rest of us. 



Mousevine:  For the Best Disney News

Looking for the latest Disney news, but not sure where to find it? Mousevine has you covered. Being a combination of news source, theme park news and fansite guide, this is one site that sure has its Mouse ears to the ground. A long time supported of HKDL Source, we are proud to call this site a Friend of HKDL Source.



You May Also Want to Check Out:


  • MousePlanet: An up-to-date and thorough coverage of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, including a well-maintained list of closures and alterations to the parks (updated on a weekly basis). You'll also find new articles about other Disney phenomena almost daily on the site.


  • Yesterland: A look at a Disneyland that once was, and will always Since the original Disneyland opened in 1955, so many things have changed, and old favourites have been replaced with new ones. This excellent site archives photos and text relating to the rides and attractions of yesteryear.


  • The Disney Portal: Literally a portal to Disney on the web, it features listings by categories of the many and various Disney sites that are out there in Webland. A great spot to find a specific type of site, or simply browse the listings. Don't forget to Vote for Us when you visit!


  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod: a weekly, interactive discussion of the ins and outs of Disney fandom: news, reviews, analysis, and general discussion about what it is that makes us love all things Disney. Topics include Disney animation and movies, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and all the other aspects of the Walt Disney Company. So good, that it even quoted Richard once and thus fed his giant ego.


  • Disney Fans: A Dutch Disney fan site that covers many different aspects of Disney, including the parks. They look set to open a dedicated Hong Kong Disneyland section soon, so keep an eye on this one! Still, plenty to look at now, so why not pay a visit any old time?