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More Healthy Food Choices For Kids


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Happy New Year!PRESS: Hong Kong Disneyland launched its new kid’s menus in early November to give parents and children even more choice when it comes to eating well.



Recognizing the general trend towards healthier eating, HKDL supports new company-wide guidelines announced by The Walt Disney Company on October 16, 2006, that give parents greater options in ensuring a well-balanced diet for their kids, even when they’re away from home.


Tasty and well-balanced meals that appeal to both children and parents have now become the standard offering at HKDL-operated restaurants at the Park, and at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.





Klaus Mager, Director, Food & Beverage at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, says, “This is just another part of the ‘Disney Difference’. Kid’s meals are an important element of our food and beverage service to our Guests and we want to offer more well-balanced choices and options for those dining at our restaurants.”


“Our well-balanced menus now have a great range of food alternatives – from fresh fruit and vegetables to more indulgent foods – and Guests can opt for what appeals to them, while always being confident of the quality of their choices.”





Hong Kong Disneyland’s new kid’s menus have a greater selection of dishes and beverages to encourage more well-balanced eating habits. More vegetables and fruits are used as ingredients in main dishes and the menus are paired with healthful beverage options such as milk, 100% fruit juices and mineral water.


Menus have been carefully conceived for greater nutritional balance. For example, the kid’s cheeseburger – one of the most popular items on the Starliner menu – is now served with milk, or diners can opt for a chicken burger on a rice patty, also served with milk. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the price. Diners can be confident that there will be no additional cost for eating well at Hong Kong Disneyland.


“We believe that kid’s menus can set the standard for lifetime eating habits,” added Mager. “Kids can be encouraged to connect their eating habits to their own health and well-being. This in turn will prepare them for what they should choose to eat as adults - without having these ideas being imposed on them.”


Naturally, Disney Characters have been integrated into the wide range of wholesome food choices that are now available to our young Guests. Packaging for the new dishes has been carefully designed to be as eye-catching, colorful and attractive to children as other menus.


In addition to the new well-balanced meals for kids, other menus that are currently offered at HKDL-operated restaurants at the Park and the two hotels also meet our Guests’ expectations. These restaurants provide a range of great food options, including at least one vegetarian dish in each restaurant, and all menus at these restaurants have been carefully conceived to include a balance of fresh ingredients.





The Park will continue to offer a wide range of food alternatives for a variety of tastes and lifestyle choices, which means that parents will still be able to request more indulgent meals and snacks and also have their pick of a selection of wholesome food choices.

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