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Exotic lands and death-defying exploration waits within the boundaries of Adventureland! Get ready to don your safari suit in a place where you can do so without fear of the fashion police. From its treacherous waterways and jungle islands, to its lush atmosphere, unique dining and shopping experiences, you’ll discover the adventurous heart of Hong Kong Disneyland in Adventureland.


As you take your first explorative steps into Adventureland, it is difficult not to notice the powerful River of Adventure that runs like a vein through Adventureland. If Adventureland is an integral part of Disneyland, then it is the River of Adventure that leads us to the beating heart of it. Combining the concepts of the Rivers of America from the original Disneyland, along with the Jungle River Cruise and Tarzan's Treehouse™, Hong Kong Disneyland forms one of the more unique Adventurelands in all of Disney's worlds.


Key Attractions

Jungle River Cruise

Jungle River Cruise

See elephants playing in their natural habitat, crocodiles gathering along its muddy banks, jungle encampments overrun by apes and angry natives. You might even spot a Tiki god! 

Tarzans Treehouse

Tarzan's Treehouse

Tarzan’s Island and Treehouse™,  is where you’ll learn how Tarzan became one of the most famous names of the jungle as you climb and explore the many rooms of his treehouse.

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Shows & Parades

Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

One thing Disney always does brilliantly is put on a show.  With bright and colourful costumes, vocalists and impressive acrobatics,  watch an adaptation of the story of The Lion King as it comes to life. 


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Other Attractions

Liki Tikis

Liki Tikis

This play area for young adventurers features ancient Tikis that spray water to cool down young Adventurers. These also serve as a water feaure, one of the elements that keep with the principles of feng shui.


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Dining and Shopping

Tahititan Terrace

Tahitian Terrace Restuarant & the River View Cafe

The Tahitian Terrace features South Asian and Guangdong-style barbeque and wok-fried dishes on the menu! At the River View Café, watch the Jungle River Cruise go past as you snack upon a family-style fixed menu.

Professor Porters Trading Post

Professor Porter's Trading Post

Show friends your survived Adventureland with a souvenir! This is the only shop on the frontier. Pop in to see if they are carrying any supplies you might need for the trek out of there.


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Things You Must Do in Adventureland


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