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Jungle River Cruise

Jungle River CruiseJungle River Cruise


Running through the heart of Adventureland are the Rivers of Adventure. The only way for the intrepid adventurer to traverse these often treacherous waters is via the Jungle River Cruise. Helmed by a brave skipper who hides their fear using a mask of humour, the Jungle River Cruise will take you into the darkest part of the Adventureland jungle.


The Jungle River Cruise was one of the first rides to open in the original Disneyland in 1955, and with the exception of Disneyland Paris, has been a part of every Disney Resort since. The Jungle River Cruise in Hong Kong Disneyland, however, is probably the most unique version of the ride. As Adventureland is so large in Hong Kong Disneyland, taking much of the space typically reserved for Frontierland, the Rivers of Adventure extend much further than the typical Jungle River Cruise ride. This makes the ride more 'open air' than the typically secluded Jungle Cruise, but it also manages to provide the seasoned rider with a few surprises.



At least we know some make it back alive...At least we know some make it back alive...


Passengers board one of the 9 Riverboats from the Adventureland dock. Skippers perform their 'amusing' spiel in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. Simply hop on board the appropriate boat for your desired language experience. If you really don't want to know what is going on, hop on board one that doesn't speak your language. Hey, it's all in the spirit of adventure, right?


After boarding the appropriate Riverboat with its weathered canvas awnings, passengers will be ferried along the Rivers of Adventure. Along the way they will pass elephants, hippos, angry apes, snapping crocodiles and other jungle critters. After a suprising explosion of water, the Riverboat drifts off-course to a previously uncharted area of the Rivers of Aventure. Beware - this path takes you under the watchful eyes of the Tiki gods, and you really don't want to get them all 'fired' up.


As with all of the best Disneyland attractions around the world, all of these critters are provided using the latest in Audio Animatronic special effects. Coupled with 3D sound, passengers feel as though they are right in the heart of the jungle. For people used to the (often dated) special effects in the other Disneyland parks, this is a prime example of how to update an old classic with new technology and a whole new experience.


Another way of traversing at least part of these waters is via the Rafts to Tarzan’s Island, situated in the centre of the Rivers of Adventure. However, these merely take you to the island and back again. From the Island, you can still observe the Jungle River Cruise as it makes its way along the Rivers of Adventure.


If you are content to simply watch possibly ill-fated adventurers cruise off to their doom, why not have a snack while doing it? The River View Café is, appropriately enough, located within eyeshot of the Rivers of Adventure and features a family-style fixed menu in a Colonial atmosphere.


Related merchandise can be found at the nearby Professor Porter’s Trading Post.


Summer 2006 Enhancements


In addition to the Tomorrowland enhancements in the Summer of 2006, the Jungle River Cruise got a permanent upgrade as well. New features included the Piranhas Attack; an explosion in Gorilla Camp; an effect enhancement in African Veldt; the so-called "Trapped Safari" and some more natives added to the Headhunter's Territory. These didn't constitute a major refurbishment, as has occured in all other Jungle Cruises around the world, but rather a few additions to enhance the existing experience.


Pirate Takeover - 3 May to 30 June 2007


As part of the Pirate Land overlay that transformed Adventureland during the promotion of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the third film in the series. Part of the refurb saw Pirate fights staged along the banks of the Rivers of Adventure, and a giant pirate flag hoisted up above Tarzan's Tree House. While this was only a temporary change, it shows the versatility of the ride - and the Land - in adapting to a number of different scenarios. We look forward to more promotions featuring variations on the ride in the future.


Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005. Updated Summer 2006
Where Adventureland
Ride Type Boat ride
Ideal For Older children upwards (some scenes may scare little children)
Ride Time 9:00 minutes (approx.)
Capacity 39 per boat (Max. 8 out of 9 boats operating at any time)
Loading Medium to Fast
Wait Times 2-20 minutes (depending on language)
It's a bit like... Disneyland Railroad; it's a small world
Thrill Level Medium to Fun
HKDL Source Rating One of the best!