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Hong Kong Disneyland boasts a full day of things to do. However, with different attractions found in different lands, it sometimes gets a little confusing as to which ride goes where. While we've also written detailed summaries of each land and attractions, to make life easier, this page compiles links to each ride and attraction categorised by land.


Main Street, USA












Coming Soon 


  • Adventureland Construction (2009/2010) CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS - While we do not know exactly what is being constructed behind Adventureland, the construction is clearly visible to visitors - and it is large. Reports have indicated that it will be permanent, but not a ride per se. Leading suggestions indicate a maze, possibly a haunted one. Although you didn't hear that from us. See suggestions below.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean (2009/2010): Another long-rumoured attraction for the Hong Kong theme park, either in an extended Adventureland, or a newly constructed Frontierland or PiratesLand. Some say that it will be a combination of the traditional animatronic Pirates of the Caribbean, and the log-flume Splash Mountain.


  • 3 Adult-Oriented Lands (Rumour): Recently alluded to by various the media, the land behind Adventureland is supposedly going to be turned into 3 new areas unique to HKDL, containing attractions that appeal more to teenagers and adults. This is separate to the rumoured Pirates of the Caribbean and possible associated PiratesLand.


  • Peter Pan's Flight (Rumour): Rumoured since Hong Kong Disneyland's opening, this 1955 Disneyland original is the most imaginative of all the Fantasyland 'dark rides'. Passengers board a flying pirate ship and sail past all the memorable scenes from Disney's animated verson of Peter Pan.


  • Main Street Electrical Parade (Rumour): A long standing rumour dating from before the park opened, it has always been considered a matter of "when" and not "if" the popular parade will grace Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street. The parade has run in every other version of Disneyland around the world, as well as Disney's California Adventure park. In 2007 the composer of the parade's memorable theme mentioned the parade running at Hong Kong later that year during an interview for the Official Disneyland Resort (Anaheim) Podcast, although this never came to pass.  Other reports suggest that Walt Disney World's SpectroMagic parade may instead become HKDL's first light parade.


Please note that until we receive official confirmation from Disney, all of the above rides listed in 'Coming Soon' are rumours only, unless stated otherwise.


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