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Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle - Everything old is new again! Sleeping Beauty Castle - Everything Old is New Again!


At the heart of every magic kingdom, there is a castle. At the heart of every Disneyland, there is Sleeping Beauty Castle. Risng 23 metres above the ground, Sleeping Beauty Castle is one of Disney's most recognisable landmarks. Appearing as park of the Walt Disney Pictures logo for decades, it is also the gateway to Fantasyland in every Disney Theme Park around the world.


As you walk down Main Street, you can't help but notice it in the distance. Sitting on top of The Hub, it is not only a gateway to Fantasyland - by crossing the bridge and walking through its gates - but it serves as a centre-point for Hong Kong Disneyland. If you are standing on The Hub in front of the castle, then you are in a prime position to head off to any of the four lands that make up the Theme Park.


Hong Kong Disneyland's Castle is a re-creation of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle in California. In turn, this original castle was inspired - in part - by the Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle. Hong Kong Disneyland's Castle uses the same colour scheme that the original Disneyland Castle used back in 1955. The original castle is now more vibrant, particularly after the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2005. Given that Hong Kong Disneyland was opened as part of these celebrations, it is perhaps an appropriate that out of the five Disney castles around the world, this bears the closest resemblance to the original.


Many have commented on how small the Castle is, especially when framed by the natural beauty of Hong Kong's mountainous landscape that rises up behind it. Many have also said that this is a problem throughout the entire park. In fact, the Sleeping Beauty Castle is identical in every way to the Anaheim version, and it is only perceived to be smaller due to the positioning of the Hub around it and the fact that it is dwarfed by mountains. However, it is hard to mistake what the Castle - regardless of perceived size - represents to millions of people around the world. 


Although officially listed as an 'attraction', this is a walk-through monument only. It is a great spot for photos, and it truly is a Disney icon. Many take the Castles for granted, but there is a reason that so many associate the Castle and its iconic image with the Disney Company.

Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005
Where Fantasyland
Ride Type Walk-through; Photo Spot
Ideal For Everyone
Ride Time As long as you like
Capacity N/A
Loading N/A
Wait Times 0
It's a bit like... A castle
Thrill Level Incalculable
HKDL Source Rating A Must-See


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