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Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Mad Hatter Tea Cups Mad Hatter Tea Cups
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Arguably one of the most famous of the Disneyland rides, it is also one of the most dizzying. This ride takes its origins from a Disney film - the Mad Tea Party scene in Alice in Wonderland - and was also an 1955 California original. Hong Kong Disneyland's version was also present when the park opened in 2005, 50 years after the original opened in California.


The premise for this ride is simple: climb inside a giant tea cup and spin until you're dizzy. It sounds fairly wacky, but the mad geniuses at Walt Disney Imagineering created a ride that has lasted over 50 years and found its way into every Disney theme park around the world. Guests find themselves in a giant tea-cup (suitable for about 2 to 4 people, depending on their size) on a rotating platform. As the Tea Cups move around, you can make yourself spin faster and in different directions by manipulating the wheel inside the cup. This means that you can make this a completely unique experience every single time you hop inside the cup.


Unlike the version in California, this one is under cover. This means that rain does not effect the functioning of the ride. Indeed, it is often a good place to spend a few minutes getting in out of the frequent Hong Kong showers. At night and in the evening, the combination of the glowing Chinese lanterns that hang from the pagoda that houses the ride make for an even wilder experience. Who needs hallucinogenic drugs when you have spinning cups and multi-coloured lights?


This is a classic ride that you should not miss! Suitable for kids of all ages, although the really young ones may find the motion a little disconcerting. You can really amp the speed up if you so wish, so this may be a whole different experience depending on who is behind the wheel! Be sure to eat after you get on this ride.

Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005
Where Fantasyland
Ride Type Carousel/Spinning; Interactive elements
Ideal For Families; big kids and teen. Potential speeds may cause dizziness
Ride Time 2:30 minutes (approx.)
Capacity Each cup holds 2 - 4
Loading Medium
Wait Times 10-15 minutes
It's a bit like... An acid trip
Thrill Level Mild but wild
HKDL Source Rating Spinning madness