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It is difficult to imagine a Disneyland without a Main Street. The original Disneyland Park in California bases its design on Walt Disney’s home town of Marceline, Missouri around the turn of the 20th century. It is a classic slice of Americana that conjures up the idealistic concept of ‘Anytown, USA’. Park guests step back in time to the early 1900s as they enter the park, experiencing an idealised version of American life. Populated with shops, restaurants, bands, parades and nostalgia tucked away in every corner, Main Street is where everyone begins their Hong Kong Disneyland journey.


While every park has constructed a variation on the Main Street theme – Tokyo’s World Bazaar being the most removed from the original – Hong Kong Disneyland has an exact replica of the original, right down to the last detail. For first time Disneylanders, stepping into Hong Kong Disneyland’s Main Street will be like stepping into the American past. For visitors of other parks, you’ll be entering a replica of a replica. However, Hong Kong Disneyland still manages to offer a few of its own unique spins to the concept.


Main Street is the first ‘themed’ area of Disneyland you’ll encounter once you enter the park, and its turn of the 20th century charm makes for a lovely transition from the world of today to the magical world of Disneyland. Most visitors will be tempted to march straight through the area on their way to the comparatively more exciting attractions and rides found in Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland is your portal to all of these lands, put aside at least some of your day to stop and smell the roses on Main Street.


Key Attractions

Main Street Station

Main Street Railroad Station

As you pass through the Entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland you’ll be walking under the Main Street Station for the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. You can hop onboard a train from here, allowing you to take a circle around the entire park. We've spent a fair bit of time taking a look at Hong Kong Disneyland's Railroad here.

City Hall

City Hall

The most prominent feature on Main Street is the City Hall. Although Disney officially lists this as an “Attraction”, less naïve travellers will know that this is the biggest ‘Information kiosk’ in the park. However, in some ways it is far more valuable than a major thrilling attraction (known in fan circles as an ‘E-Ticket’). It is the place to ask questions, make dining reservations, exchange currency, leave messages, find guide maps in multiple languages, and even hire strollers and wheelchairs from the Fire Department next door.

Main Street Vehicles

Main Street Vehicles

Don’t feel like taking a leisurely stroll down Main Street? Why not hop on one of the Main Street Vehicles? Running around Main Street and Town Square, the Paddy Wagon and Main Street Taxi will ferry the footsore and nostalgic alike around this piece of yesteryear. The double-decker Omnibus is a nice way to check out the detail of Main Street from high-and-low vantage points. You may even get to ride in the Main Street Taxi when the parade begins!

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Shows and Parades

Plaza Inn

Disney on Parade

Running at least once a day, Disney on Parade crawls along the route between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland (near the Storybook Theatre) and the Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A.   Read more about Disney's unique parades here.

Plaza Inn

The Marching Band

This traditional marching band can be found stomping down Main Street at various times. At others, you'll find them positioned on The Hub where Main Street ends and the gateway to Fantasyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle - begins. This classic bit of Americana seems right at home on Main Street, USA.

Plaza Inn

Disney in the Stars

"A whole new world" awaits guests after dark as Disney in the Stars lights up the hub and Sleeping Beauty Castle with lights, projections and pyrotechnics.  Start a spark of conversation by reading our full coverage on the fireworks here.

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Plaza Inn

Plaza Inn

From the 'turn of the century' American facade of the exterior, you'll enter to find more traditional Chinese trappings inside and authentic 19th Century Chinese table service. In addition to Cantonese dishes such as dim sum, and other local treats, you'll find a selection of Western dishes as well.

Market House Bakery

Market House Bakery

Who can resist the smell of a bakery? Here Hong Kong Disneyland bakes fresh pastries and other aromatic delights. If you've just rolled out of bed and have gone straight into the park first thing in the morning, we recommend some freshly-baked goodness to give you a bit of energy for the Theme Parking ahead of you.


Main Street Corner Café

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Hosted by Lee Kum Kee, world renowned specialists in authentic Chinese sauces (at least that is what their press says), this place boasts Hong Kong-style coffee house waffles, congee, afternoon tea and noodles. A great casual dining experience. 


You'll also find a variety of food and beverage wagons along Main Street. In keeping in theme with the land, these all try to be period accurate, such as the vinatge popcorn carts. Ice cream, soft drinks and other snacks can be found along here as well. A  more detailed look at Disney dining, including other places to eat in the park, can be found on our Dining page.

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Main Street Shops

Emporium/Mercantile/Carriage House

The Emporium is the place to go if you want to take home some Disney souvenirs. Clothing, plush toys, key-rings, candy and all sorts of other special gifts can be found in this area. Extending into the Mercantile and Carriage House, it makes it the largest Disney store in the park.  

Special Main Street Shops

Specialist Shops

Main Street Sweets for candy; The Curiosity Shop for men’s and women’s apparel; Centennial Hall for kids stuff and Midtown Jewellery for your dangly bits.  Main Street Photo has all your photographic needs. If you want an image of yourself with a difference, try the Silhouette ShopCrystal Arts specialises in glass figurines and collectibles, as well as glassblowing and etching.


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Other Attractions

Disneyland Story Animation Academy

Animation Academy

It's not often that traditional Main Street changes its spots, but in Summer 2007, the Animation Academy opened next door to the Disneyland Story. Here guests can pick up pen and paper and learn how to draw - the Disney way. Ever fancied yourself as a Disney animator? Here is your chance to find out if you've got what it takes!

City Hall

Art of Animation

In Spring 2008 Main Street will be further expanded with the addition of this new attraction, sharing Disney's animation legacy and the details behind it.  Guests will be able to enjoy artwork, sketches, drawings and maquettes, with the highlight being a fully dimensional Pixar Zoetrope.

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Things you must do on Main Street