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Disneyland Railroad

Engine #3, Frank G. Wells, at Main Street StationEngine #3, Frank G. Wells, at Main Street Station with train #1

All aboard!  Following a strong Disney tradition, the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad is the first attraction that guests see when they enter the park, with Main Street Station sitting above the floral Mickey display at the entrance.  Guests have to walk under the railway tracks to find their way onto Main Street, where they can choose to either explore the park on foot or ride the railroad.  As such, the railroad is one of the most popular attractions in the park and tends to be busiest in the mornings as guests ride it first to get an overview of the park.


Starting out from Main Street Station the train travels into the jungles of Adventureland.  As the train rolls past the exotic plant life keep a watchfull eye for the Adventureland attractions and even some animals and natives by the track!  Before long Fantasyland is reached as the train rolls past the well kept and ornate garden beds that offer panoramic views of the area.  Stopping at Fantasyland station, passengers may disembark if they wish and more join the train before it is again underway, heading back to Main Street.  Passing by it's a small world and the Storybook Theatre, the train heads into Tomorrowland.  As the train steams into the world of tomorrow guests are offered a panoramic view of the land a few visual treats for those on the lookout.  The train continues on through thick vegetation before emerging once more at Main Street Station, where another lot of guests are eager to experience the railroad.


Engine #2, Roy O. Disney, at Fantasyland StationEngine #2, Roy O. Disney, at Fantasyland Station with train #2

On any given day guests will find 1 or 2 different trains making the journey around the park.  Each train consists of 5 carriages, with a passenger capacity of 50 people each.  The seats are arranged in 3 rows facing in towards the park, on 3 tiers ensuring that even people in the last row have an unobstructed view of the scenery as it passes by.  Train number 1 is painted pale green with dark green trim whilst train number 2 is painted dark red with forest green trim.  The carriages making up train #1 are all named after locations that are historically significant to the Walt Disney Company: Anaheim, Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles and California.  The carriages of train #2 are similarly named after locations that were important in the life of Walt Disney himself: Chicago, Marceline, Kansas City, Hollywood and Orlando.


Even though there are only 2 carriage sets available for use on the railroad, there are 3 different engines that can be used to haul them.  Each engine is almost identical except for the colours, the funnel (smoke stack) shape and the headlamp on the front.  Engine number 1 is named Walter E. Disney after Walt himself and is blue with red trim. Engine number 2 is named Roy O. Disney after Walt's brother and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company and is red with green trim. Engine number 3 is named Frank G. Wells after the chairman of the Walt Disney Company from 1984 to 1994 and is black with red trim.


Engine #1, Walter E. Disney, at Main Street StationEngine #1, Walter E. Disney, at Main Street Station

Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005
Where Main Street, USA; Fantasyland
Ride Type Railway
Ideal For Everyone
Ride Time 20:00 minutes (approx.)
Capacity 900 guests per hour (2 trains; 150 guests each)
Loading Fast
Wait Times 10-30 minutes
It's a bit like... Jungle River Cruise; Autopia
Thrill Level Mild
HKDL Source Rating Classic Family Fun