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Autopia Gridlock Autopia Gridlock
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The future of private transport is made into the reality of today at Hong Kong Disneyland's Autopia, presented by Honda.  Featuring cars that run without petrol and talk to their drivers, this version of a classic Disney attraction will excite even the most seasoned of drivers.  Guests of all ages are eligable to drive on the highways of the future, allowing the whole family to share in this driving dream.


Autopia was added to the park on July 13th 2006 as park of the Phase I Extension, along with two other new attractions being added to Tomorrowland - a UFO Zone play area and Stitch Encounter, based on Disney's Lilo & Stitch. Although Autopia was always on the plans for Hong Kong Disneyland, it was removed by the time information was being released to the press in May 2004. Widely criticised for the cutbacks, Autopia was swiftly put back on the Hong Kong Disneyland schedule, although it was far from ready for the September 2005 Grand Opening.  For more information on the development of the park, see our History section.


Take a quiet driver through an alien landscape. Picture © Bryce Marley 2006. Take a not so quiet drive through an alien landscape

Travelling under the railway tracks from the main part of Tomorrowland guests enter the alien landscape that surrounds the Autopia.  Delving further into this realm visitors will find the loading station where a high-tech car is awaiting their command.  Choose your car and loading platform wisely as there are three different routes through the alien wilderness, each with its own unique surprises.


Whilst touring the winding highways of the future, don't forget to look out for the futuristic billboard advertisments encouraging drivers to take an intergalactic holiday or stock up on the "must have" Honda items of the future.  Be sure to ride again to take in all the details and have the chance of driving along a different route.


Most drivers and passengers will notice the oboard audio system, which makes car noises and sound effects when appropriate.  While large 'fenders' with shock absorbers can be found on the front and rear of the vehicle, chances are that drivers won't really need them. Taking your foot off the pedal will result in an instant stop. While we didn't have any dimes handy during our trips to Hong Kong Disneyland, it is fair to say that these cars will stop on one of them.


There are plenty of cars for everyone There are plenty of cars to go around

Key Features & Statistics 

13 July 2006
Where Tomorrowland
Ride Type Electric Vehicle Driving
Ideal For 8 years and above. Min. ride height is 81cm. Min. drive height is 137cm
Ride Time 5:00 minutes (varies)
Capacity 54 cars (2 people each) max. (3 tracks; 18 per track)
Loading Slow
Wait Times 20-50 minutes
It's a bit like... Jungle River Cruise
Thrill Level Mild to Wild
HKDL Source Rating Sunday Drive