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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
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Enter into the realm of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story movies where the toy universe is threatened by the evil emperor Zurg!  Zurg and his minions are stealing all the batteries and are launching an attack on the loveable little green men.  Guests must join Star Command as new recruits and help Buzz to defeat Zurg and restore peace and safety to the galaxy.


Piloting a 2-person XP-39 space cruiser guests need to shoot targets throughout the omnimover ride, amassing points along the way.  Each cruiser can spin 360° to face any direction, allowing guests to shoot targets that may be anywhere around them!  Each passenger is armed with a laser gun that can be removed from the holster to be pointed at any target, in any direction.  Different shaped targets provide different numbers of points, with some special targets revealing secret "hidden" targets when hit.  Compete with your friends to see who gets the highest score and thus ranks as the best space ranger!


Buzz briefing the new Star Command troopsPay attention, Buzz is giving you your briefing! 

Prior to embarking on their mission a spectacular life-size Buzz Lightyear animatronic briefs Star Command's newest recruits with the aid of his toy friends.  The ride begins with the cruisers closing inwards, bringing the guns and rotation controls in reach, as guests float out into space.  The cruisers fly from scene to scene, moving progressively closer to Zurg and the planet of the little green men, eliminating Zurg's army of robots along the way.  After a final hyper-speed jump space rangers engage in the climax of the ride, shooting at Zurg's secret weapon in unison with Buzz, who is floating in the middle of the scene.  If the Star Command's latest recruits prove their worth Zurg is captured and returned to his box, where this troublesome toy belongs.  With the capture of the toy universe's worst criminal, Buzz thanks the space cadets for their assistance prior to their arrival at the unloading area.


Once out of the XP-39's guests move out of the attraction, back into the real world, through Star Command Supplies.  There is no better place to purchase the latest Buzz Lightyear merchandise, as well as items specifically themed to the ride.


The evil emperor Zurg!The evil emperor Zurg!

Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005
Where Tomorrowland
Ride Type Interactive Dark Ride
Ideal For Pre-schoolers and above
Ride Time 4:30 minutes (approx.)
Capacity 2500 guests per hour (90+ cruisers; 2 guests each)
Loading Fast
Wait Times 5-20 minutes
It's a bit like... Mad Hatter Tea Cups; Stitch Encounter
Thrill Level Mild to Wild
HKDL Source Rating Hi-tech Fun