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Space Mountain

Space Mountain by nightSpace Mountain by night

Continuing a legacy that began in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in 1975, Space Mountain comes to Hong Kong offering guests a thrilling roller coaster flight through the depths of space.  While it supplys enough speed to satisfy the thrill junkie in all of us, Space Mountain can also be enjoyed by those who generally do not ride roller coasters due to its smoothness and fantastic theming.  So jump into a rocket, strap yourself in and prepare to be launched through space on a smooth, twisting, turning experience complete with synchronised musical soundtrack!


Easy to find and identify because of its iconic white spires, Space Mountain is a magnet for guests and is the most recognisable part of Tomorrowland.  As such people tend to rush to the ride in the morning when they first arrive in the land, meaning that lines are often shorter in the afternoons.  Alternatively, guests can use the FASTPASS service to come back at a specified time and ride with a shorter queue.


If you aren't worried about hurtling through space with complete strangers, the single rider line is a perfect solution.  Accessible from the portal to the right of the main entrance and with an average wait time of less than 5 minutes, guests who are happy to travel independently are given the opportunity to ride many times with minimal wait.  The guests will be placed to fill up any seats that may be left from odd-numbered groups that have boarded from the regular stand-by line. 


Lights above Space Mountain boarding areaLights above the Space Mountain "LaunchPort"

As eager as you may be to rush to board your rocket the queue itself is the beginning of your journey and should be fully appreciated at least once.  Guests enter the queue by passing the rockwork through one of the two portals (regular stand-by and FASTPASS distribution on the left, single rider and FASTPASS queues on the right).  After viewing the safety video, which varies between English and Chinese languages, a Cast Member to integrates the FASTPASS and stand-by lines for the last part of the queue into the loading area.


Descending into the loading area, guests are channelled down one final switchback ramp onto the platform, where Cast Members allocate them to a gate ready for boarding the next available rocket.  The boarding area (or "LaunchPort") is the most interesting part of the queue with funky lights and "colour-shifting planetoids" overhead as well as the constant movement and anticipation from the ongoing loading of the rockets passing through the platform.


Once onboard and secured in your rocket the wonderful synchronised soundtrack starts, signifying the beginning of your travels.  After final safety checks you are dispatched, beginning the climb through flashing black light gateways then around the corner and up once more through the "Hypergate".  Out into the vastness of space the music climaxes for one last ascent before... well you'll just have to ride for yourself, won't you?  Once the ride is over guests exit through the Space Traders shop where on-ride photos can be viewed and purchased at the photo desk.  There is also a range of Space Mountain and other Tomorrowland merchandise on sale here.


For guests who have travelled on other Space Mountain rides at other Disney parks, this version is something different again.  Although it has the same track layout as both the Tokyo and Anaheim versions, the effects in Hong Kong are newer.  Some of the best effects and theming used in the Paris and Anaheim overhauls have been used in Hong Kong, as well as some unique items, such as the "Hypergate", making Hong Kong Disneyland's version a force to be reckoned with.


Space Mountain and Orbitron after darkSpace Mountain and Orbitron after dark

Key Features & Statistics 

12 September 2005
Where Tomorrowland
Ride Type Roller Coaster
Ideal For Everyone 8 years and above.  Min. height is 102cm
Ride Time 2:45 minutes
Capacity 2500 guests per hour (12 rocket trains; 12 guests each)
Loading Fast
Wait Times 5-30 minutes
FASTPASS Yes and Single Rider
It's a bit like... Jungle River Cruise
Thrill Level Wild
HKDL Source Rating Fast-paced, immersive fun


Alternate Versions

Space Mountain - Ghost Galaxy

They say no one can heard screams in the cold depths of space, this Halloween the screaming will never end at Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy. Space Mountain has been reinvented in a new and creepy way that will make hearts race and skin crawl like never before. Get lost in the terror of a frightening new soundtrack and the hair-raising visual effects, with scary apparitions and ghoulish monstrosities around every treacherous bend. Hong Kong Disneyland to transform into an all-new “Dark World” during its Haunted Halloween (25 September to 31 October 2007).