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Stitch Encounter

Stitch Encounter Stitch Encounter
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Since Lilo & Stitch hit cinemas in 2002, the little blue alien has become a runaway success with adults and kids alike. In this attraction, guests can visit Space Traffic Control and meet Experiment 626 himself! Stitch has 'borrowed' a space ship, and appears - courtesy of Disney magic - right in front of the audience. The animated Stitch talks and interacts with children in real time, singing songs and teaching them Hawaiian. Things start to go pear-shaped for Stitch when the owner of the 'borrowed' ship comes after Stitch, leaving it up to the audience to save Stitch!


Similar to Turtle Talk with Crush in Disney's California Adventure and EPCOT, this is an interactive attraction that will never be the same twice. It is largely suitable for early school-age children - and anybody who just can't get enough of the little blue, cute and fluffy guy.


Sessions in different languages - Cantonese, English and Putonghua - are held at different times, so check the guest info brochures for times, or the giant neon board in front of the attraction. This attraction is incredibly popular, with only 1 theatre lines often stretch longer than the neighbouring Space Mountain, so be sure to get in line early to avoid disappointment.


Key Features & Statistics 

13 July 2006
Where Tomorrowland
Ride Type Interactive theatre show
Ideal For Early school-age children
Ride Time 12:00 minutes (approx.)
Capacity 100-150 (1 Space Control Theatre)
Loading Slow
Wait Times 15-45 minutes
It's a bit like... Mickey's Philharmagic
Thrill Level Medium
HKDL Source Rating Hi-tech Fun