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Inspiration Lake

Feeling inspired? Feeling inspired?



Dinsey parks around the world are known for their magnificent landscaping, especially in the areas surrounding the Theme Park. Inspiration Lake sits just outside the Disneyland Park, and is the largest artificial lake in Hong Kong. That may be impressive if we knew exactly how many artificial lakes there were in Hong Kong...


The lake and the surrounding facilities officially opened 15 August 2005, a month before the Disneyland Theme Park. Taking up about 30 hectares of land, 12 of which are occupied by the lake, it serves as both a lovely bit of landscaping and a recreational facility.  You'll see waterfall cascades; a 3.5 hectare arboretum; water jets capable of shooting a jet-stream 18 metres high; boulders (both natural and engineered) and something like 4,800 trees and 430,000 shrubs and other impressive statistics. The average passer-by isn't going to count every shrub - although we wonder if anybody has held them to task yet - but they will all notice the beauty of the place.


With gazebos, snack bars, toilets and changing rooms, a jogging track, paddle boats for hire, exercise areas and children's playground, there is everythig you need for a leisurely and relaxing day after bussling through the Theme Park. At night, you can watch the whole place light up with illumination dancing off the water-jets.


Aside from being a traquil recreational facility, the lake doubles as the irrigation service to the entire reclaimed land area of Penny Bay.


The Lake and surrounding park are open seven days from 9am to 7pm, and there is no entrance fee.


If you arrive later in the day, mid-afternoon for example, to check-in to one of the hotels, we heartily recommend that you take a stroll up Magic Way towards the facility. You can rent a paddle boat for a mere HK$70 for 30 minutes, or longer if you need it at an additional cost. However, half an hour is probably all you'll want, as paddling around the lake - even with a partner - can be thirsty work. With mountains on either side of the lake, it is truly one of the most tranquil spots in the resort (even with the MTR line running beside it).


Things to Do At Inspiration Lake


  • Take a jog or a leisurely stroll along the 1500m jogging trail
  • Get in a bit of exercise at the dedicated exercise areas
  • Watch the water shoot up!
  • Hire a paddle boat...You better believe that's a paddling. 
  • Take the kids to the playground


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