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Park Promenade

Resort Fountain at night Resort Fountain at night


Spilling out from the MTR Station, the most striking feature at the moment on the Park Promenade - the walkway between the Disney properties - is the Disneyland Resort Fountain. Featuring Mickey 'surfing' the water spurting forth from a whale's blow-hole, and Minnie playing with a seal in the foreground, it is simultaneously reminiscent


On foot, the Park Promenade provides a 10 - 15 minute stroll along this beautifully landscaped public walkway between the Disney hotels and the Public Transport Interchange/MTR Station and Theme Park entrance.


Designed to reflect the Victorian Era architecture that populates the rest of the Resort properties, it blends seamlessly with the design of the MTR Station. At night, the Promenade lights up with Victorian-style street lamps, and the Fountain comes alive with a variety of coloured lights.


The Promenade presently serves the dual function of blocking the land reserved for the Phase 2 Extension of the park. It is believed that the land reclamation work on area will be completed by 2008, and a second park - or an extension of the existing park - will open sometime in or after 2010. However, for the present time, this is all purely speculative.


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