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Sparkling Christmas 2007 Sparkling Christmas 2007
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Christmas and Disneyland seem to go hand in hand. In a tradition almost as old as the parks themselves, watch Hong Kong Disneyland be transformed from Halloween haunts into a Winter Wonderland this festive season!


Snow on Main Street


The Christmas Celebrations are already in full swing as you hit Main Street, USA. With snow flakes falling on the rooftops and decorations adorning the shops and buildings of this turn-of-the-century locale, it will be hard not to be filled with the festive spirit.


As always, there will be an ornate Christmas tree that sits in Town Square. This year, guests will be given special hologram glasses to watch the LED lights decorating Town Square...erm...light up, and as snow falls down on Main Street. Snow! Who would've thought it? How cheeky! Of course, this is all leading up to nightfall, when the grand spectacle of the Sparkling Castle Lights will delight guests and anybody who jumped over the fence to have a look as well.


Other Main Street highlights will include a re-themed Parade - the ‘Let It Snow’ Christmas Parade. The Parade will feature all of your favourite Disney characters in Winter finery, and those holiday glasses promise to give everybody tinsel-toed vision.


While you are on Main Street, don't forget to check out Ice Fantasy, which sees 'ice sculptures' of the Disney Princesses and Cinderlla's Coach surrounding the Hub.


Festivus for the Rest of Us

The 2007 festivities will run from November 23 to January 2, culminating in the New Year's Eve Party and a countdown to 2008. Hong Kong Disneyland have classified December 21 through December 30 as Peak Ticket Days, so you'll need to get your tickets early! This applies to almost all of the month of December for Hotel bookings as well. Please note that New Year's Eve is going to be a Special Ticket Day.


Ice Sculptures Ice Sculptures
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Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without Santa Claus. You'll get a chance to meet a greet everybody's favourite jolly fat man both in the park and the Hotels. Santa's 'helpers' this year will be all the Disney characters decked up in their winter best. Santa's Workshop is the place to find the man, but you can have a look about in there even when he is off preparing for Christmas Eve.


Speaking of Hotels, you'll also be able to take part in Santa's Training Workshops, teaching children to create gifts and cards, sing songs, slide down chimneys and more! With storytelling every night during the season, adults will have plenty of opportunities to sneak off and buy their little ones a Disney Christmas present and hide it from them in a spot that the kids are bound to find anyway. Santa Goofy will also be on hand to help out the big fat man this Christmas.


Gifts That Keep on Giving


Disney being Disney will miss no opportunity to inject a dose of holiday spirit into their merchandise, and  there will be literally hundreds of gifts to choose from. Well, over 100 Christmas and winter-themed gifts is the official word.


Sparkling Christmas 2007 Sparkling Christmas 2007
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With everything from pins to plush toys, clothing, cookies and sweets and a host of other Disneyland themed holiday madness, one thing is for sure - there won't be any excuses for an empty spot under the tree this year!


The full range of Christmas gifts can be found on the official site.


Seasons Stuffings


Christmas Food. Mmm.It wouldn't be Christmas without eating way too much and going on a health kick shortly after New Year. Hong Kong Disneyland makes it way too easy to stuff yourself like a turkey.


Around the park you will find a variety of Christmas related snacks, not to mention a three-course table dining at the Corner Cafe on Main Street.


In addition to the other hotel events, such as Santa and character greetings, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel will be putting on a special Christmas spread. Throughout the season, you can have a variety of traditional meals at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and what Disney describes as 'seasonal specials'. You should make a call to +852 3510-6000 for more dining details and reservations.


Disney's Hollywood Hotel will also offer a number of festive choices. You may select from a set Christmas dinner; a holiday buffet or any of the other choices from the restaurants within the hotel. Once again, you'll want to make a call to +852 3510-6000 for more dining details and reservations.



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Christmas 2007

Ho-Ho-Hong Kong Disneyland celebrated it's third official Christmas in 2007, and the halls were sparkly this year! We've got all the official (and unofficial) Festive Fun right here!


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