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Glow-in-the-Dark Parade Glow-in-the-Dark Parade
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Join your favourite Disney characters as they dress up to celebrate Halloween in true Disney style at Hong Kong Disneyland!  There's no need to be scared of this spook-tacular celebration of family fun as all the Halloween extras are included in the regular park admission! The focus this year is on scares for kids of all ages, especially those very spooky young adults. That doesn't mean that


Dark World

Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel

The Halloween celebration begins at the entrance of the park, where the first whimsical jack-o-lanterns can be spotted, depicting famous Disney characters. As you enter Main Street, you'll find that a new door has opened up - to the Haunted Hotel. Legend has it that the owners of this hotel, Jack and Victoria Maxwell, carried out bizarre experiments on honeymooning couples, and their ghosts still haunt the walls to this day. This walk-through attraction will both scare and thrill as guests try and navigate the secret passages and hallways of the Haunted Hotel.

Ghost Galaxy

Space Mountain - Ghost Galaxy

Space Mountain has also been transformed in this Dark World they call Hong Kong Disneyland. With all-new lighting and soundtrack effects, the Halloween version of this classic ride promises to be even spookier than usual. A theme park with only one rollercoaster - FRIGHTENING!


The atmosFEAR is completed by the Haunted Tree in the Sleeping Beauty Garden, which Disney claims will make a spooky photo opportunity.


Halloween Happenings


Glow in the Park Halloween Parade

After nightfall it's time to join in the fun with the Glow in the Dark Halloween Parade. Seven floats and over 100 cast members will take to the streets of Hong Kong Disneyland, glowing like radioactive llamas emerging from a unfortunate accident. That is, they will glow. In the dark. Whenever the mysterious 'UV tranformation' strikes the parade, the acrobatic Red Devils, Jack Skellington and his Pumpkin Men, Disney Villains and more will spook and scare the audience in a glowing fashion.


Villains in Adventureland

Many of these characters - along with your favourites such as Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Minnie and Pluto - will be out meetin' and greetin' guests throughout the park. You might get a photo with Cruella De Vil , Jafar, Captain Hook or the Grim Gatekeepers! Maybe all of them!

Keep your eyes peeled for unique games and activities cropping up around the park too!


Glow-in-the-Dark ParadeGlow in the Park Parade
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Frightful Fun

The fun of Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland does not end with the spooky decorations and entertainment.  Guests can enjoy the fun of the Halloween festivities throughout their entire day in the park by participating in the character meet and greets.


On every Friday and Saturday after the season begins on September 25, as well as October 31, park hours will extend to 11:00 pm. Guests will have the opportunity to take part in the evening activities, and may do so by simply buying an Evening Pass (HK $198) that allows them access to everything between 6:30 pm and 11:00 pm.


A season at a Disney park would not be complete without a unique line of merchandise, only available during the celebration.  Hong Kong Disneyland's first Halloween is no exception, with a wide array of shirts, toys, accessories and treats available exclusively at the park during this season.  Take the time to browse the selection in the park and who knows, you may end up taking home a Witch Minnie plush or a Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt. This year, Disney is boasting over over 100 themed F&B and 130 Halloween merchandise items will be in restaurants and stores.


Hotel Haunts

Guests who stay at one of the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels are able to enjoy the fun of the Halloween season even more, with special activities taking place for guests in and around the hotels. Guests will also be able to take advantage of the current Stay and Play for 2 Days Offer, that is a deal that sounds like the thing that it is! Two days for the price of one! Unfortunately, those two days will still be roughly 48 hours, and you can't cram two days into one. Bending the space-time continuum would just be spooky.


Ghoulish Gallery

Halloween 2007 Gallery


The theme was 'Dark World' this year, and featured a new Haunted Hotel; a glow-in-the-dark parade; Space Mountain - Ghost Galaxy and much more. See all the thrills, spills, scares and bears here! Well, maybe not so much the bears...


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