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Halloween 2006

Spooky CastleSpooky Castle



NB: This page is an archive. For current Halloween plans and celebrations, see the main Halloween page.


Join your favourite Disney characters as they dress up to celebrate Halloween in true Disney style at Hong Kong Disneyland!  There's no need to be scared of this spook-tacular celebration of family fun as all the Halloween extras are included in the regular park admission!


Amazing Atmosphere

The Halloween celebration begins at the entrance of the park, where the first whimsical jack-o-lanterns can be spotted, depicting famous Disney characters.  The park, especially Main Street, is decked out with orange decorations and a giant "Mick-o-lantern" can be found at the hub, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Spook-tacular Costumes!Spook-tacular Costumes!


The experience intensifies at nightfall, when the special lighting and music begins along Main Street and at the Castle.  Don't miss this spooky opportunity to experience Main Street in a ghoulish light and covered in cobwebs.



The eateries on Main Street have also transformed themselves for the event with the creation of unique Halloween menus.  Whether you're after a Pumpkin Brulée, Witch Soup or Spooky Forest, the special menus can cater to your desires.  The 3 eateries all have their own unique menu with the Plaza Inn being the place to go for a full meal of Halloween delights, the Corner Cafe for a devilishly delicious treat and the Main Street Bakery the place for a ghoulish snack... or two.


Halloween Happenings

After nightfall it's time to join in the fun with the Halloween Costume Mini-Parade!  Every night at 7pm Zorro Mickey, Witch Minnie, Pirate Goofy and Pluto join their friends on the Graveyard Float, travelling down the parade route from Fantasyland to Main Street.  Joining them for the fun is the Hong Kong Disneyland Marching Band, playing the "Grim Grinning Ghosts" theme from the Haunted Mansion attractions of other Disneylands.  Also celebrating the fun are the Disney Dancers dressed as ghoulish creatures to heighten the mood.



The Graveyard Float is decorated with pumpkins, lanterns, a bubbling cauldron, tombstones inspired by the Haunted Mansion attractions of other Disneylands and has its own Haunted Mansion atop a hill at one end.


Graveyard Float FunGraveyard Float Fun


Guests are invited to join the Disney characters during the parade by coming to the park dressed up in Halloween attire.  Hong Kong Disneyland has published a Dress Up Guide on the Official Site to help guests dress appropriately.



After noon during the daytime guests are also invited to come face to face with the Disney Villians, who have taken the Main Street Opera House and turned it into their Villains Lair.  Some of Disney's most notorious villains will be in attendance, such as Jafar, The Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Hades, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Once inside, guests can explore the nightmare graveyard, Hades' playground, the Evil Witch's lair or meet their favourite villain.


Frightfull Fun

The fun of Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland does not end with the spooky decorations and entertainment.  Guests can enjoy the fun of the Halloween festivities throughout their entire day in the park by participating in the trick-or-treat treasure hunt.  Find clues, collect stickers and cross the park in search of candies and Mickeys Halloween Treats, meeting up with Disney castmembers and characters along the way.  The treasure hunt begins online at the official website, where guests can collect virtual candies to earn online gifts by taking the Halloween virual tour.


Halloween activities throughout the parkHalloween activities throughout the park


On every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the season after October 6th, children can benefit from even more fun activities to celebrate the season.  Kids Zones will be open in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland from 12:00pm to 5:00pm on these days, offering children the chance to create Halloween masks and special Mickey ear hats.  Kids will also be able to go a step further and have their faces painted at the Kids Zones, all free of charge!  The Kids Zones will also open specially on October 30th and 31st, allowing guests to enjoy the peak of Hong Kong Disneyland's first Halloween in all its glory.


Ghoulish MerchandiseGhoulish Merchandise


A season at a Disney park would not be complete without a unique line of merchandise, only available during the celebration.  Hong Kong Disneyland's first Halloween is no exception, with a wide array of shirts, toys, accessories and treats available exclusively at the park during this season.  Take the time to browse the selection in the park and who knows, you may end up taking home a Witch Minnie plush or a Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt.



The pin collectors are also catered for, with a special, exclusive limited edition 3 pin set available on Friday 13th October.  A selection of pins depicting the Disney characters in their Halloween attire will also be available for purchase for the duration of the season.

Hotel Haunts

Guests who stay at one of the Hong Kong Disenyland hotels are able to enjoy the fun of the Halloween season even more, with special activities taking place for guests in and around the hotels.  Guests can enjoy the Not-so-Scary Haunted House Adventure and Trick-or-Treating at Orienteering activities or have some fun at the Mummy Maze found in the Halloween Macabre Fun Zone.  Those that are brave enough can enjoy the spooky stories being told to music under the stars as part of Storytelling in the Wild.



While at the hotels, why not take the time to sample some more of the special Halloween food that has been created for the season.  Pumpkins and edible spiders abound a variety of dishes celebrating the season; from mains to deserts and starters, everyones taste is accomodated by the delicious range of the Halloween menu.


Trick or TreatsTrick or Treats



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