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Magical New Year and Countdown

Ring in the New Year at Hong Kong Disneyland!Ring in the New Year at Hong Kong Disneyland!


If, like us, Disney has become a pretty major blinking light on your life-chart, then there is no better way to ring in the New Year than in a Disney Park. Like all the Disney Parks around the world, Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't let something like the end of a calendar year slide past without making a hullaballoo from the whole crew.


In early november, Disney released some press detailing their New Year's plans. We've reproduced that press here.


Countdown to 2007


There ain't no party like a Disney party, because a Disney party don't stop. Well, we're sure they do stop at some point, especially when it is time for the next party to start. They do have a great deal of things going on though. As a result, they've extended their hours to 12:30am


The focal point of the festivities will be the Countdown Party with Mickey Mouse and friends. Mickey and the Disney gang will lead the countdown (which tends to involve numbers in a descending fashion, although it is entirely possible that they could be playing crazy mix-'em-ups just to confuse people), which will culminate with a giant pyrotechnic display against the sky when the clock hits midnight.


Party Park


Just because the Christmas festivities are over, it doesn't mean that the park shuts down for the season. On December 31, the park will be alive with frivolity of the New Year's kind - and unlike many of the other events, don't think it will be confined to Main Street.


Fantasyland will host a 20-piece Big Band, who will crank out traditional and Disney-related tunes throughout the night. You'll find them at the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is a wonderfully relaxing way to count down the minutes until 2007 is upon us.


Over in Tomorrowland, where the style is a little more electro,  DJs will be churning out tunes - every one a winner presumably - and hosting a dance party for the slightly more lively crowd.


Shake your rump-a!

Shake your rump-a!


Of course, it wouldn't be a New Year without finding yourself with a bigger credit card bill than when the previous year started.  As such, the shops throughout the park will extend their shopping hours so you can literally shop until you drop. If you do drop, please roll conveniently to one side so that others may easily step over you and continue their own shopping.


If you can't be bothered leaving your hotel, or the bustle of the park has become too much for you, the Hotels are also offering some fine dining and shaking of the groove. At the Grand Salon at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, a New Year's Eve set menu of Pan-fried Sea Bass and Roast Rib Eye of Beef for HK$498 per person will be available. Meanwhile, over at Disney's Hollywood Hotel, they will re-offer their Turkey and Ham Picatta, grilled beef tenderloin and Tiger Prawn from the Christmas menu at the Studio Lounge for HK $298 per person.


What's In It For Me?


The collector inside us all will be wanting to know one thing this New Year: "What free stuff do I get?" You got a real attitude, people!


You also get free stuff.


Every guest will receive party hats and "party favours". We aren't entirely sure what the latter involves, but always remember the golden rule: What happens in Hong Kong Disneyland, stays in Hong Kong Disneyland...